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Карта сайта

The child

Of course, the child needs to be taught how to be polite and precautionary, but it is necessary to do it friendly.The child able to behave rather well will be pleasant to people around, but nobody loves rough, inattentive children.A duty of parents to make the child such that he was loved by people around.When treat the person kindly, he tries to treat people even better.When you have to do to the child of the remark concerning his behavior, do not do them at strangers not to confuse the child.


There are useful to development in the next months and soft toys with rigid or sound inserts, toys with buttons, rychazhka.Especially at this age the acting parts of subjects start interesting the child.Soft toys with rigid inserts have to be from special safe materials as the child will rub them gums in the course of a teething.It is necessary to have balls and spheres of different size for driving.Sometimes the kid does not hurry to master a new toy how to arrive in that case?Of course, it is possible to try to make necessary game actions so that the child paid to them attention.

When these

The child seldom manages to start talking the first because parents always start talking to him.The firstborn is shown too often to acquaintances.When these displays are rare, they will not do harm but if they follow one by one, the child will grow up the timid.If the firstborn gets sick, parents spend days and nights at his bed, worrying more, than they will worry then when gain experience.If the first child is capricious, young parents take it very seriously and lift turmoil.

Tell the fairy

Occupation course Organizational moment.Suggest to consider the subject picture.Ask to show separate details on the picture: lodge, window, path, fence, penek, wood.Acquaintance to the fairy tale.Suggest the child to listen to the fairy tale.Tell the fairy tale, exposing characters figures from desktop puppet theater on the color subject picture.Offer the child according to his speech opportunities to repeat the onomatopoeias and words said by you in the course of telling of the fairy tale.

Hold game

Being engaged with the child, sensitively listen to his mood never insist on game continuation if the kid was tired, not in mood or if game is not pleasant to it.Start occupation only when the child is occupied with nothing.Try to gain the kid before begin game, adjust him on game.Hold game on the raised emotional background.Be adjusted on a cheerful and fantastic harmony: let the mouse peep, and the bear speaks a bass.Tell expressively, do not hurry.

It does

Only now the Lord will be able to fill your emotional and spiritual capacity.It does it, being near you, listening, directing, calming and encouraging you the mercy and love.A lot of time is required to approach good luck and really to learn it as, however, and in order that It gave you strength and prepared for a role of the parent and that responsibility which this role imposes on us.For me it is very difficult to find time to stay alone good luck, without distracting on anything.

In case of injury

By no means it is impossible to allow that the back of the child was curved outside failed.Therefore if you have to use instead of a stretcher a mattress or other improvised stretcher which fail, the patient it is necessary to put on a stomach.In case of injury of a neck it has to be in direct situation but if it is impossible, it is possible to bend a neck back the head should not bend forward.At the broken clavicle make a sling of a big triangular piece of a matter and tie up the lower part of a hand, having strengthened a sling on a neck.


The author explains it to that the mentality of children is very flexible, and they easily forget everything.Whether it is worth being surprised, what presently there are a lot of difficult teenagers if on counters there are books similar to this?The Swiss scientist Gene Paydzhet suggests to break process of training of the child into four stages.Age brackets of these stages the approximately following: from the birth till two years; from two to seven years; from seven to eleven years; of eleven years and further.

Put all figures

Development of visual attention.Suggest the child to consider whichturnye images of animals Ask it to tell who is drawn.Suggest the child to play Hideandseek.Explain that heroes of the fairy tale will hide.Imperceptibly for the child clean one of images depending on a level of development of the child color or planimetric.Ask: Who hid?Repeat game times.Global reading.Put all figures in a row.Call them.Under each figure enclose a card with the corresponding word.

The small

Even the happiest and wellgroomed children have minutes when they feel ill at ease.The small children sucking fingers can be very quiet and cheerful and do not need any changes.So, if your child sucks a finger too much, try to make his life more pleasant for it.That was told about the children sucking a finger equally belongs and to sucking a corner of a blanket or a collar of a coat when they want to sleep either it is boring, or is lonely.Do not become angry about the child for it and do not pull out his finger from a mouth.

You will

Especially they love tablets, drugs with pleasant taste, cigarettes and matches.You will be surprised, probably, by the list of the substances which are especially often causing poisoning of children: aspirin and other drugs; poisons against rats and insects; kerosene, gasoline and polish; the lead which is a part of paints which the child chewed from furniture and other subjects now the furniture and toys are painted with the paint which is not containing lead.But on the street, on window sills, verandahs, etc.

It is possible

As the child submits to requirements of discipline, depends generally on as far as he feels love, care and attention to him.Therefore our most important parental task to let to our child know that we love him that we always on his party.It is possible to list some reasons why parents convince themselves that the most important in establishment of discipline it to punish the child.One of the reasons many books, articles, seminars, conferences, radio programs, sermons, lectures propagandizing the corporal punishments but thus suppressing or neglecting all other physical and emotional needs of the child, especially his need for love.

If you are going

For example.if you are going to pass from teaspoons to within hours, give to the child on , teaspoons two feedings in a row, then , teaspoons in the following feeding, then , in the following and at last teaspoons.Do not hurry to increase a portion of the child contrary to his desire and opportunities.It is better to lag behind the schedule for some days, than to get to trouble.At the end of the table the age of the child because by this time one children need the following increase in days, and others only in days is not mentioned.

Look at heroes

Or look at television if you can take out it, or on many advertizing all this is on the verge of revolt.For the last twenty five years the moral fell in our country to unprecedentedly low level.For this short period of time we managed to hear as teachers teach children that their body belongs him and that they can do with it everything that to them will like sex of any kind and abortions enters here.Look at heroes of family telecasts.Before anything similar could not appear neither on a scene, nor on the screen it was simply forbidden.

If he sucks

Therefore to help the child, you can alternately milk to him and firm food as some minutes he after all sucks quietly.If he sucks from a bottle, you can increase an opening in a nipple that he managed to exhaust for a short time more milk but do not use a pacifier with big openings until everything is all right, differently the need of the child for a sosaniye is satisfied.If he starts crying after the beginning of a sosaniye too soon, let's it suck in general within several days.Give to drink to him from a cup if at it it turns out, or from a spoon, or add more milk to porridge and other food.

It is very

As a result many parents came to a wrong conclusion: the discipline is a cornerstone, and its requirement is paramount.It is very easy to make this mistake, especially when you hear: If you love the child, you have to discipline him.This statement is certainly right, but the tragedy that many parents are almost completely absorbed by discipline and show not enough love that the child felt it and it would bring it a consolation.And therefore most of children doubt that them love sincere and unconditional love.

Be not afraid

Also it is not necessary to wait when frustration of behavior become so obvious.Be not afraid to address to the psychologist or to the children's psychiatrist, deal with it together from what your child, his what real soil несчастливое™ suffers.Perhaps, you should listen to something not really flatter in the address; perhaps, it will appear that also special measures are already required the children's nervous system is vulnerable, and reaction to a mental trauma is easily fixed.Be careful and attentive!

Combing blisters, the child

Usually the child is kept in a bed while there are all new spots.The itch can be eliminated partially with a heat bath in which dissolve soda or starch one cup on a small bathtub and two cups on big.Use only soluble starch.Place the child in a bathtub for minutes times a day.Do not break a crust from the driedup blisters.Combing blisters, the child brings in them an infection because of what there are abscesses.Therefore it is necessary to wash the child's hands with soap times a day and shortly to cut to it nails.

It is possible

usually arise after years or even later if the child incidentally was not present at sexual intercourse of animals.It is possible to answer similar questions that from a genital of the father the seed gets to a special place in mother's stomach where it develops in the child.Will pass a lot of time before the child tries to imagine this situation.When he asks you about it, tell him by the own words about love between the man and the woman and about their embraces.The child can encounter traces of periods and think that someone in the house is wounded.

It seems

One of the reasons on which pastors appear object of anger of the parishioners, is absolutely unique.It consists in extreme integrity of some members of church.It seems to you strange?Let's on forget that the same lines of the personality in one situations play a positive role, and in others negative.Integrity usually plays a positive role.But, sent to the incorrect course, it can become destructive.Integrity goes to the wrong course when is followed by ambition, antiauthoritative installations and behavior.

The child

The angry grumble is capable to kill any desire something to do.It is very useful to give to the child such instructions which he can carry out together with other family members, for example, to wipe ware or to weed a kitchen garden.Working with adults, the child will try very much.Independent clothing.The child at the age of , years does the first attempts to undress he pulls the sock towards himself, why the sock gets stuck.By years the child already quickly enough undresses.


If you have an uncertain look or you will speak in detail with the child, he will understand that from it wait for refusal to take medicine.Speak with it about something another, pouring in medicine in a mouth.Most of children automatically open mouths at the coming nearer spoon, as baby birds in a nest.Insoluble tablets can be crushed and mixed with tasty food, for example with apple puree.Mix medicine only with one teaspoon of mashed potatoes because the child can refuse the second spoon.

On sharp

However positive emotions are not legible yet.Such illegibility will end with the advent of ability to remember.On sharp sounds the child can shudder still.Attention!If start on the second month of life is followed by the sharp and expressed cultivation of hands in the parties or forward, thus is not observed an accurate tendency to disappearance of such scattering of hands, it is necessary to address to the neurologist.Prespeech development In shout there are various intonations, it becomes more expressive.

The most

Most of children who need a hour interval in the afternoon, can sustain hours at night weighing not less than , kg.In that case the schedule will be approximately following: , , , , , , Night feeding.The most important rule do not awake the child for night feeding, let he you will wake if gets hungry.The child needing night feeding will wake up at first almost precisely at o'clock in the morning.Then once he will wake up about nights.Feed him at this time and consider it as night feeding.

Besides, after

Business even not in volume of work, is possible, to you someone helps to carry out it.Matter in huge and absolutely new responsibility for health of the child plus your former economic duties.Besides, after the delivery in an organism of the woman there are various physical and psychological changes which partly also cause feeling of a depression.Many mothers not so despair that in general it was possible to call their feelings a depression.You, perhaps, think that there is no need to discuss unpleasant things which can never occur.


Runs, looking to itself under feet.Almost does not fall.Confidently itself, without holding subjects, gets on feet.When walking without difficulties holds a toy, but can drop fig..If to put on a floor near the standing child the subject interesting him, the child squats on hunkers or bends with the bent knees to take it, then becomes straight or independently gets up from a squat fig..Independently sits down and sits on a chair, a small bench.Climbs on an adult chair and sits down in it fig.

Tell read

Suggest children to consider images of heroes of the fairy tale see an insert, fig., , , , , and to call each of them.Fairy tale performance.Global reading.Tell read the fairy tale.Ask children to choose in turn at the same time a figure of the called character and a card with the corresponding word.Development of grammar Game Hide the Girl.Suggest children to help the girl to hide.Distribute pictures for game see fig..Ask to execute actions at your request.

The father

This too strong experience for such kid.Therefore rough games have to be goodnatured and short even if the child asks still.It is very important that rough games were not prosecutions or fights, and simply acrobatics.But immediately stop if the child too is excited.The father should not sneer at the child.Sometimes, having become angry about the son, the father expresses the irritation as sneers.The child thus feels small.Sneers too strong means for small children.


That is why children of any age and in the winter, and have to spend some hours on the street in the summer and sleep in the cool room.Therefore they should not be dressed too warmly for walk and too warmly to wrap up at night.In houses and apartments which too are hot heated in the winter, at people the nasopharynx that lowers resilience to infections dries.Air in the room at a temperature of ° the too dry.Many vainly try to moisten room air, having put pans with water on batteries.

Even when

Let his face will be some time for the sun if it does not give it trouble see section .As the child grows up, the periods of his wakefulness and human society to him increase everything becomes more necessary.Therefore try not to leave its one more than for an hour if it sleeps.Even when the child has a good time itself, about him there have to be people.If you live in the city, you should carry the child in a carriage down the street.The warm linen, trousers and woolen stockings very much will brighten up to parents these hours.

In our overactive

Let's look in eyes to truth: good education demands time.In our overactive society it is so difficult to find time for communication, especially if children are mad about the TV.The more than reasons why the close attention is important for them.It is more than when that was in the history of a family, children are influenced by the forces though which are outside a family circle, but actually interfering in its inner sanctum.Friends parents, are necessary to us enormous efforts to find time from our intense vital schedule, but it is rendered a hundredfold!

But after

I and to the husband can tell: you forbade!You do not imagine what I feel sense of relief.After all I know: it is impossible to beat the child, I feel thus awfully, to herself sewed a hypertension.But after all it is necessary somehow it to accustom to an order.And a belt this only thing that works.But the child is sick, sick seriously.Swear at it it is known, and she lays down kostm: treats, cooks special food, gets environmentally friendly products, takes away for some months every year to the Crimea.

I know that

And in the conditions of a current economic state which forces parents to work very hard, teenagers receive the increasing freedom and become less dependent on parents.I know that all this sounds gloomy and hopelessly, but it is necessary to face to the facts.If the relation of modern youth to life does not change, it will lead to further decline of authority of a family and church.And it has to call us, parents, to make so that our relations with children were closer and deep.It demands from us recognition of own shortcomings, and also efforts directed on changing situation.

Game Amicable

Development of the grammatical party of the speech.Game Amicable Girls.Show the picture see fig.and tell: Look at the picture.See, the girl gathers mushrooms?And what girls do?Girls gather mushrooms.And on this picture?The girl shouts hey.And girls.halloo.Ask children to finish the phrase begun with you.Development of visual attention.Suggest children to look at figures of the exposed characters attentively.Ask them to turn away; at this moment clean one figure or rearrange figures in places.

The same

It is necessary to address to the doctor as it is harmful to kidneys and internal uric ways as soon as possible.Sometimes in hot weather when the child sweats much and drinks insufficiently, he urinates very seldom, once at o'clock or even more rare.Thus urine happens densely yellow color, with a pungent smell and can irritate places on which gets.The same happens at high temperature.In hot weather and at high temperature the child needs to offer often water or to remind that it is necessary to drink, especially, if he still very small also cannot tell itself that it is necessary for him.


Since then again a cat yes a rooster live together, and the fox is more to them and is not shown.OCCUPATION Occupation subject: we listen to the fairy tale Cat, Rooster and Fox Preliminary work: cut out heroes of the fairy tale see an insert, fig.and establish them on supports; prepare scenery: on a leaf of a Whatman paper draw paste trees, the distant woods, the rivers; on the picture Apples see page paint apples red and gold.Occupation purposes The educational to form ability attentively to listen to the story of the adult in children; to listen to the end of the text up to the end, without killing the speaking; ability to empathize heroes of the fairy tale, to share their feelings.

When they

Fifteenyearold Jessica always pleased parents and teachers, and friends loved her.You can imagine as far as parents when found in its room of accessory to the marihuana use were shocked.When they took away it to the doctor, it appeared that it is pregnant.Sixteenyearold Ken well got on well at school.However last year its estimates worsened.If proceeds so, it will fail a semester.Ken the clever boy.He is capable to study perfectly.He still wants to enter the university with a high lowest passing score.

It is a little

Irrespective of who from children should be constrained and forgiven more and whom to encourage, the better we understand features of their personality, the easier for us to cope with them.It is a little children combining lines of both the first, and second group.But all of them are.Such children usually do not reach extremes, characteristic for the first or second group.Our daughter Cary is a typical example of such transitional type.We were lucky that it at us senior.

The Uvula

With the first helicopter zdorovayetksya: ra.With the second greets: ry.Shows the helicopter and says a syllable.The child repeats after the logopedist: ra, ry, re, ro, ru.Looked at the Uvula vnimatelkno and noticed two identical fig.among vertolekt.And you will be able to find them?The child finds the helicopter similar to the allocated.The Uvula said goodbye to helicopters.The child once again says syllables.Also departed further.


We began to take the responsibility for operating the anger, not to allow it to rob us and to deprive of happiness.Now we know that the anger is capable to pull together even more the people who are in close relationship MOVEMENT OF ANGER When moving anger by its target there are innocent people.Especially often it occurs when we are annoyed on on whom we cannot pour out the rage: on the employer, professor or the chief.Such anger very often falls upon children.When the shortcomings caused by immaturity of the child irritate parents, they sometimes do not manage to keep endurance.

To put it briefly, David

David learned to nip reason anger in the bud, having understood that his opponent was not able to cope with the anger and to express it properly.To put it briefly, David understood that the boy had no anything against it personally, but arrived so because of own problems with behavior.Most of adults too are not able to cope with a strong feeling of anger.They or lose over themselves control and break anger on the innocent person, or behind the back of about whom become angry, badly speak of them, or use different indirect and unworthy ways of behavior.

At the sixyearold

As for a stare and remarks, the child with a noticeable physical defect has to get used to it, and the it is younger, the it is easier for it.If the child the most part of time is hidden and removed on people only occasionally, one stare in a week will confuse him more, than ten during the day because he did not get used to it.It will be happier if he is not felt sorry.At the sixyearold boy the birthmark covers a half of the face.Mother feels to it deep pity.

I felt that

Lay to mother and the father, saying to them that my works, has to be, simply somewhere got lost.I felt that my situation everything worsens, but that to do to me, did not know.And one fine day mother gave me a surprise itself arrived to college.We together bypassed all my teachers, and I tried to make everything to inspire in them as if I attended lectures, and they simply by a carelessness did not note my presence.But in the end I could not continue to lie any more.I began to cry and told mother all truth that did not attend lectures.

They always

But quite often there are also other children to whom process of a sosaniye gives huge pleasure such children usually suck also fingers.They always to a drop drink milk from a small bottle and suspiciously treat a cup, refusing even to try to drink from it.Transition to a cup has to be gradual Treat it quietly and do not adjust the child.You allowed the child to drink from a cup from month age and it did drinks.If in months he reluctantly drinks from a pacifier and he likes to drink from a cup more, you should increase gradually amount of milk in a cup, respectively reducing it in a small bottle.

Try to manage

Usually at introduction of firm food to food of the child the chair is adjusted.Consult to the doctor, he can recommend to enter firm food earlier.Twofour spoons of mashed potatoes of boiled prunes will help the child.A depletive in such cases is not necessary.Avoid to use laxative or an enema regularly as the child will get used to them.Try to manage prunes or other firm food.A chair at the child at artificial feeding.At first the chair happens , and sometimes and times a day.

The child

It can proceed many months.Twitching can be obvious or hardly noticeable.Reduction of muscles of the person causes grimaces.The shoulder that in one, in other direction can twitch.Reduction of muscles of a trunk forces the child to do the incoordinate movements.Hands and fingers strain and skryuchivatsya.The child can badly start writing and dropping subjects.Its movements are involuntary, one muscle, another is reduced.But any movement does not remind another.

You simply

And in general education of the child including instilling of skills of the correct address in it with anger will go at you better.The most powerful a positive reinforcement this your approval which you daily express to the child.You do it in the most usual situation, easy and naturally, sometimes without the aid of words.You simply listen to it attentively, smile, embrace him and spend with it time.It helps to awaken his best qualities with the child.These ways do not fit into system of modification of behavior.

Answer it at once

In each new stage of development the child will be ready to additional information on this subject.You will not need to tell it at once all truth.Children's questions are always unexpected.The child can ask a question in shop or when you talk to the pregnant neigbour.Try to inhibit desire to make him silent.Answer it at once if can.If it is impossible, tell it indifferent tone: We will talk about it later.There are things about which do not speak in public.

It goes to usual

She treated it as well as his younger brother except that drove it several times a week in special hospital on various procedures: massage, exercises, training of the speech and movements of a body.The younger brother and neighbour's children very much loved this boy for a sweet temper and enthusiasm.He participated in all of them games and though often did not consult, they did him a discount.It goes to usual school, in the neighbourhood.Certainly, it lags behind in some things, but as at school training is provided according to the flexible program, all children have opportunity, in process of the abilities, to participate in planning and implementation of various actions.

Itself puts

Household skills.Itself puts on and takes off socks, panties, shorts, a spacious jacket and another clothes convenient for this purpose.Some children can undo and clasp some buttons.Laces are not able to tie yet.All children at this age have to be able to wash independently hands with soap and to wipe them a towel.With your help brushes teeth.The whole day remains pure recovers on a pot or in a toilet.Before a toilet itself lowers and lifts trousers, but the help when fastening is sometimes necessary.

Do not allow

All this is very unpleasant, irritates you and eventually can lead to loss of appetite at the child.Do not allow it.You, probably, noticed that the child starts playing behind food when he partially or completely satisfied the hunger, but not when he still very much wants to eat.Therefore if he ceases to pay attention to the food facing it consider that he ate enough, lower it on a floor and clean a plate.You are right when you are firm, but it is not necessary to become angry.

And parishioners

In such situation does not matter any more that the pastor does or that he does not do.It cannot leave from the increasing hidden indignation, resistance and attacks from those to whom he tries to serve.I advised many priests broken by this phenomenon.And parishioners who, perhaps, do not take part in attacks to the pastor, are inclined to decline all responsibility for the tragedy happening in a community.They find a justification to those members of a community who follow the tastes of the anger.

And that

The Little squirrel heard that to her the guest came, and began to go down to the Elephant on a short flight of stairs.And that it did not stumble, the Elephant prompts it each step.Cleans from a picture short flight of stairs.The child remembers them by those loss for words at which he was.The logopedist calls the word, and the child remembers the picture, for example: eat, than?hammer than?, etc.Sat down the Elephant with the Little squirrel under a tree and began to play with pictures: to spread from them paths, making beautiful offers.

In both

Reaction of other percent will be the return: they identify themselves with an aggressor, that is will begin to imitate parents and to blame somebody another.At such children the habit to refuse to assume responsibility for the on maintaining and to accuse others can develop.In both cases the destructive way of the address with anger is available.The bad attitude towards itself is aggravated with passive and aggressive installations.For example, as the depression grows and generates anger, the desire to revenge is formed.

He not only

I think, he is simply frank egoist.He not only does only that is pleasant to it, but also demands; that I did the same.I work all week, and I need to find a little time and myself, and our boys.Fran turned to the husband: Craig, you are the terrible egoist.I not against that we went to mountains from time to time.We with boys can remain with the bottom while you rise by top, and to wait there for your return.I was so tired of that we do not talk with each other at all that I need only to observe how you run away from the house.


Mother should show more often than such child to the doctor.The doctor can appoint soothing.Correctly prescribed medicine will not do to the child harm and will not impart to it a habit to demulcents even if to use them within several months.If there is no opportunity to consult to the doctor, try house means a pacifier.Usually it appears very effective demulcent, but some parents and doctors will not approve a pacifier see section .The child suffering from gases feels better, lying on a stomach.

By the adult's example, and then

Watch every time actions of the child, do not hurry to correct it.It is important as your child understands you as corrects errors as it is trained.By the adult's example, and then can independently construct the machine.The kid puts a cube on an oblong detail of the designer and moves this construction, reproducing the movement of the car.By months some children collect a pyramid already from three five rings, but for the present without their size.It is necessary to have houses on one pyramid of a different form: one with round rings, and another with the square, strung segments.

The kindergarten

Kindergarten The good kindergarten does not replace family education, and supplements it.The kindergarten brings to most of children enormous benefit.But it is necessary not for each child.The kindergarten is especially valuable to the only thing in the child's family, to the child who does not have enough opportunities to communicate with other children, for the child living in poor housing conditions for the child with whom it is difficult for mother to cope for any reasons.Each threeyearold kid needs society of children of its age not only for game and entertainments, but, the most important to learn to live in collective that is the main task of his life.

In cases

It opens an exit of slime and to pus.The main lack of these means that after reduction of fabrics there comes reaction and they extend even more.As a result the nose is corked even more densely, than before.If to use this medicine it is too frequent, it is possible to cause irritation of gentle nasal partitions.In cases this type of nasal drops brings benefit.First, when the child chokes and from it falls into rage, cannot suck and often wakes up at night.

But resilience

The main thing of that it is necessary to be careful from the very beginning, is attempts to force the child to drink milk more, than he wants.This big temptation because the child looks such weak.It seems to you that if you will manage to pour in it in a little more milk, he will quicker get fat and therefore it is better to cope with bacteria.But resilience to infections has nothing in common with completeness of the child.It, as well as at any other, has an own way of development and own appetite providing necessary growth rate.

I think, often

But the unpampered child will hardly eat many candies.Some small children do not love some candies and sweet at all.In the experiments doctor Clara Davies found out that if to allow the child most to decide that is, he will eat sweet in reasonable quantities.I think, often parents involuntarily impart to the child the exaggerated love to sweets.For example, mother speaks to the child: Until you eat spinach, I will not give you some ice cream or If you eat all porridge, I will give you a candy.

Having thumbed

If your house is filled with these temptations, you will constantly break on shout because that it is not always possible to follow family relics, expensive to you.You, of course, can raise the voice on the child, but hardly from it things will return on the places.Recently I was in bookstore and found the book about education of children written by one Christian author there.Having thumbed through some pages, I could not believe the eyes.The author tells to readers that not only is admissible, but also it is useful, since fourfive months, strictly to utter to the child for his offenses.

You want to teach

You want to teach the teenager to rise a step behind a step, division behind division up.How to make it?As parents, you have to be a good model of the correct expression of anger.Also, knowing that the teenager can and has to become angry from time to time instead of forbidding him it or inadequately to react to his anger, you have to pick up it from that step of expression of anger at which it is, and to lift up.For example, the teenager costs at the sixth level of a scale of anger, i.

It is possible

Interest in any toys dies away equally quickly, and here household items have one more advantage: they do not become dusty on mezzanines, and come back to the to direct duties.It is possible to use the wooden spoon and a bowl, a mother's hairbrush and elastic bands which remained from the lost couple a leather glove, unsuccessful photos, an old alarm clock, plastic small bottles, the most different boxes, films as toys.The main objective of these toys to give to the child it is as much as possible various tactile and acoustical feelings.

When the child

Though really there is no sense to discuss that already is solved and signed, for most of parents the most difficult such minutes is simple to keep calm ESTABLISH BORDERS In any family there can be such problems for which permission it will be required to establish more rigid borders, and sometimes, and punishment.When the child becomes uncontrollable, behaves provocatively or calls in question authority of parents, it is necessary to resort to appropriate means of control.At the disposal of parents there are five ways of controlling the child.

In some weeks

It will turn all the same the head in that party where he likes to look, and, thus, his head will lie a half of time on one party, and a half on another.In some weeks after the birth the child chooses a pose on a back or on a stomach and to force it to change this pose difficult.It is desirable to accustom to sleep the child since the birth on a stomach if he does not object.Subsequently, when he will learn to turn over, he will be able to change a pose if wants itself.

And awful

With everything it is always dissatisfied, since morning grumbles, gloomy, all not on it.Sluggish, boiled, slow.And awful dirty creature: washes only if you force, the room a uniform pigsty, everywhere dirty linen mixed up with bits of apples.If you do the remark, breaks, and it is so rough where only words such it was gathered!And, know, we punish her a belt.The woman stops, waits for my reaction; I abstain from comments.Our conversation proceeds, and I learn: the girl is unhealthy from the first days of life.

The child

It is possible to buy a canvas folding bed for which the pillow is not necessary.Asthma bronchial.One more type of an allergy.In this case sensitive body are bronchial tubes which mucous membrane bulks up and emits dense slime when the irritating substance gets to bronchial tubes.The courses on which passes air, become so narrow that it is difficult for child to breathe, he chokes, thus from a breast whistle escapes.The child coughs.At the child of advanced age chronic asthma is caused generally by the substances which are airborne, for example, horse dandruff, dog wool, different types of a mold etc.


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