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It goes to usual

It goes to usual She treated it as well as his younger brother except that drove it several times a week in special hospital on various procedures: massage, exercises, training of the speech and movements of a body.

The younger brother and neighbour's children very much loved this boy for a sweet temper and enthusiasm.

He participated in all of them games and though often did not consult, they did him a discount.

It goes to usual school, in the neighbourhood.

Certainly, it lags behind in some things, but as at school training is provided according to the flexible program, all children have opportunity, in process of the abilities, to participate in planning and implementation of various actions.

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Itself puts

Itself puts Household skills.

Itself puts on and takes off socks, panties, shorts, a spacious jacket and another clothes convenient for this purpose.

Some children can undo and clasp some buttons.

Laces are not able to tie yet.

All children at this age have to be able to wash independently hands with soap and to wipe them a towel.

With your help brushes teeth.

The whole day remains pure recovers on a pot or in a toilet.

Before a toilet itself lowers and lifts trousers, but the help when fastening is sometimes necessary.

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Do not allow

Do not allow All this is very unpleasant, irritates you and eventually can lead to loss of appetite at the child.

Do not allow it.

You, probably, noticed that the child starts playing behind food when he partially or completely satisfied the hunger, but not when he still very much wants to eat.

Therefore if he ceases to pay attention to the food facing it consider that he ate enough, lower it on a floor and clean a plate.

You are right when you are firm, but it is not necessary to become angry.

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