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The kindergarten

The kindergarten Kindergarten The good kindergarten does not replace family education, and supplements it.

The kindergarten brings to most of children enormous benefit.

But it is necessary not for each child.

The kindergarten is especially valuable to the only thing in the child's family, to the child who does not have enough opportunities to communicate with other children, for the child living in poor housing conditions for the child with whom it is difficult for mother to cope for any reasons.

Each threeyearold kid needs society of children of its age not only for game and entertainments, but, the most important to learn to live in collective that is the main task of his life.

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In cases

In cases It opens an exit of slime and to pus.

The main lack of these means that after reduction of fabrics there comes reaction and they extend even more.

As a result the nose is corked even more densely, than before.

If to use this medicine it is too frequent, it is possible to cause irritation of gentle nasal partitions.

In cases this type of nasal drops brings benefit.

First, when the child chokes and from it falls into rage, cannot suck and often wakes up at night.

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But resilience

But resilience The main thing of that it is necessary to be careful from the very beginning, is attempts to force the child to drink milk more, than he wants.

This big temptation because the child looks such weak.

It seems to you that if you will manage to pour in it in a little more milk, he will quicker get fat and therefore it is better to cope with bacteria.

But resilience to infections has nothing in common with completeness of the child.

It, as well as at any other, has an own way of development and own appetite providing necessary growth rate.

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I think, often

I think, often But the unpampered child will hardly eat many candies.

Some small children do not love some candies and sweet at all.

In the experiments doctor Clara Davies found out that if to allow the child most to decide that is, he will eat sweet in reasonable quantities.

I think, often parents involuntarily impart to the child the exaggerated love to sweets.

For example, mother speaks to the child: Until you eat spinach, I will not give you some ice cream or If you eat all porridge, I will give you a candy.

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Having thumbed

Having thumbed If your house is filled with these temptations, you will constantly break on shout because that it is not always possible to follow family relics, expensive to you.

You, of course, can raise the voice on the child, but hardly from it things will return on the places.

Recently I was in bookstore and found the book about education of children written by one Christian author there.

Having thumbed through some pages, I could not believe the eyes.

The author tells to readers that not only is admissible, but also it is useful, since fourfive months, strictly to utter to the child for his offenses.

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