To put it briefly, David

To put it briefly, David David learned to nip reason anger in the bud, having understood that his opponent was not able to cope with the anger and to express it properly.

To put it briefly, David understood that the boy had no anything against it personally, but arrived so because of own problems with behavior.

Most of adults too are not able to cope with a strong feeling of anger.

They or lose over themselves control and break anger on the innocent person, or behind the back of about whom become angry, badly speak of them, or use different indirect and unworthy ways of behavior.

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At the sixyearold

At the sixyearold As for a stare and remarks, the child with a noticeable physical defect has to get used to it, and the it is younger, the it is easier for it.

If the child the most part of time is hidden and removed on people only occasionally, one stare in a week will confuse him more, than ten during the day because he did not get used to it.

It will be happier if he is not felt sorry.

At the sixyearold boy the birthmark covers a half of the face.

Mother feels to it deep pity.

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I felt that

I felt that Lay to mother and the father, saying to them that my works, has to be, simply somewhere got lost.

I felt that my situation everything worsens, but that to do to me, did not know.

And one fine day mother gave me a surprise itself arrived to college.

We together bypassed all my teachers, and I tried to make everything to inspire in them as if I attended lectures, and they simply by a carelessness did not note my presence.

But in the end I could not continue to lie any more.

I began to cry and told mother all truth that did not attend lectures.

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They always

They always But quite often there are also other children to whom process of a sosaniye gives huge pleasure such children usually suck also fingers.

They always to a drop drink milk from a small bottle and suspiciously treat a cup, refusing even to try to drink from it.

Transition to a cup has to be gradual Treat it quietly and do not adjust the child.

You allowed the child to drink from a cup from month age and it did drinks.

If in months he reluctantly drinks from a pacifier and he likes to drink from a cup more, you should increase gradually amount of milk in a cup, respectively reducing it in a small bottle.

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Try to manage

Try to manage Usually at introduction of firm food to food of the child the chair is adjusted.

Consult to the doctor, he can recommend to enter firm food earlier.

Twofour spoons of mashed potatoes of boiled prunes will help the child.

A depletive in such cases is not necessary.

Avoid to use laxative or an enema regularly as the child will get used to them.

Try to manage prunes or other firm food.

A chair at the child at artificial feeding.

At first the chair happens , and sometimes and times a day.

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