In our overactive

In our overactive Let's look in eyes to truth: good education demands time.

In our overactive society it is so difficult to find time for communication, especially if children are mad about the TV.

The more than reasons why the close attention is important for them.

It is more than when that was in the history of a family, children are influenced by the forces though which are outside a family circle, but actually interfering in its inner sanctum.

Friends parents, are necessary to us enormous efforts to find time from our intense vital schedule, but it is rendered a hundredfold!

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But after

But after I and to the husband can tell: you forbade!

You do not imagine what I feel sense of relief.

After all I know: it is impossible to beat the child, I feel thus awfully, to herself sewed a hypertension.

But after all it is necessary somehow it to accustom to an order.

And a belt this only thing that works.

But the child is sick, sick seriously.

Swear at it it is known, and she lays down kostm: treats, cooks special food, gets environmentally friendly products, takes away for some months every year to the Crimea.

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I know that

I know that And in the conditions of a current economic state which forces parents to work very hard, teenagers receive the increasing freedom and become less dependent on parents.

I know that all this sounds gloomy and hopelessly, but it is necessary to face to the facts.

If the relation of modern youth to life does not change, it will lead to further decline of authority of a family and church.

And it has to call us, parents, to make so that our relations with children were closer and deep.

It demands from us recognition of own shortcomings, and also efforts directed on changing situation.

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Game Amicable

Game Amicable Development of the grammatical party of the speech.

Game Amicable Girls.

Show the picture see fig.

and tell: Look at the picture.

See, the girl gathers mushrooms?

And what girls do?

Girls gather mushrooms.

And on this picture?

The girl shouts hey.

And girls.


Ask children to finish the phrase begun with you.

Development of visual attention.

Suggest children to look at figures of the exposed characters attentively.

Ask them to turn away; at this moment clean one figure or rearrange figures in places.

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The same

The same It is necessary to address to the doctor as it is harmful to kidneys and internal uric ways as soon as possible.

Sometimes in hot weather when the child sweats much and drinks insufficiently, he urinates very seldom, once at o'clock or even more rare.

Thus urine happens densely yellow color, with a pungent smell and can irritate places on which gets.

The same happens at high temperature.

In hot weather and at high temperature the child needs to offer often water or to remind that it is necessary to drink, especially, if he still very small also cannot tell itself that it is necessary for him.

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