Confidently Runs, looking to itself under feet.

Almost does not fall.

Confidently itself, without holding subjects, gets on feet.

When walking without difficulties holds a toy, but can drop fig.


If to put on a floor near the standing child the subject interesting him, the child squats on hunkers or bends with the bent knees to take it, then becomes straight or independently gets up from a squat fig.


Independently sits down and sits on a chair, a small bench.

Climbs on an adult chair and sits down in it fig.

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Tell read

Tell read Suggest children to consider images of heroes of the fairy tale see an insert, fig.

, , , , , and to call each of them.

Fairy tale performance.

Global reading.

Tell read the fairy tale.

Ask children to choose in turn at the same time a figure of the called character and a card with the corresponding word.

Development of grammar Game Hide the Girl.

Suggest children to help the girl to hide.

Distribute pictures for game see fig.


Ask to execute actions at your request.

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The father

The father This too strong experience for such kid.

Therefore rough games have to be goodnatured and short even if the child asks still.

It is very important that rough games were not prosecutions or fights, and simply acrobatics.

But immediately stop if the child too is excited.

The father should not sneer at the child.

Sometimes, having become angry about the son, the father expresses the irritation as sneers.

The child thus feels small.

Sneers too strong means for small children.

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Therefore That is why children of any age and in the winter, and have to spend some hours on the street in the summer and sleep in the cool room.

Therefore they should not be dressed too warmly for walk and too warmly to wrap up at night.

In houses and apartments which too are hot heated in the winter, at people the nasopharynx that lowers resilience to infections dries.

Air in the room at a temperature of ° the too dry.

Many vainly try to moisten room air, having put pans with water on batteries.

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Even when

Even when Let his face will be some time for the sun if it does not give it trouble see section .

As the child grows up, the periods of his wakefulness and human society to him increase everything becomes more necessary.

Therefore try not to leave its one more than for an hour if it sleeps.

Even when the child has a good time itself, about him there have to be people.

If you live in the city, you should carry the child in a carriage down the street.

The warm linen, trousers and woolen stockings very much will brighten up to parents these hours.

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