It is very

It is very As a result many parents came to a wrong conclusion: the discipline is a cornerstone, and its requirement is paramount.

It is very easy to make this mistake, especially when you hear: If you love the child, you have to discipline him.

This statement is certainly right, but the tragedy that many parents are almost completely absorbed by discipline and show not enough love that the child felt it and it would bring it a consolation.

And therefore most of children doubt that them love sincere and unconditional love.

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Be not afraid

Be not afraid Also it is not necessary to wait when frustration of behavior become so obvious.

Be not afraid to address to the psychologist or to the children's psychiatrist, deal with it together from what your child, his what real soil несчастливое™ suffers.

Perhaps, you should listen to something not really flatter in the address; perhaps, it will appear that also special measures are already required the children's nervous system is vulnerable, and reaction to a mental trauma is easily fixed.

Be careful and attentive!

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Combing blisters, the child

Combing blisters, the child Usually the child is kept in a bed while there are all new spots.

The itch can be eliminated partially with a heat bath in which dissolve soda or starch one cup on a small bathtub and two cups on big.

Use only soluble starch.

Place the child in a bathtub for minutes times a day.

Do not break a crust from the driedup blisters.

Combing blisters, the child brings in them an infection because of what there are abscesses.

Therefore it is necessary to wash the child's hands with soap times a day and shortly to cut to it nails.

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It is possible

It is possible usually arise after years or even later if the child incidentally was not present at sexual intercourse of animals.

It is possible to answer similar questions that from a genital of the father the seed gets to a special place in mother's stomach where it develops in the child.

Will pass a lot of time before the child tries to imagine this situation.

When he asks you about it, tell him by the own words about love between the man and the woman and about their embraces.

The child can encounter traces of periods and think that someone in the house is wounded.

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It seems

It seems One of the reasons on which pastors appear object of anger of the parishioners, is absolutely unique.

It consists in extreme integrity of some members of church.

It seems to you strange?

Let's on forget that the same lines of the personality in one situations play a positive role, and in others negative.

Integrity usually plays a positive role.

But, sent to the incorrect course, it can become destructive.

Integrity goes to the wrong course when is followed by ambition, antiauthoritative installations and behavior.

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