In some weeks

In some weeks It will turn all the same the head in that party where he likes to look, and, thus, his head will lie a half of time on one party, and a half on another.

In some weeks after the birth the child chooses a pose on a back or on a stomach and to force it to change this pose difficult.

It is desirable to accustom to sleep the child since the birth on a stomach if he does not object.

Subsequently, when he will learn to turn over, he will be able to change a pose if wants itself.

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And awful

And awful With everything it is always dissatisfied, since morning grumbles, gloomy, all not on it.

Sluggish, boiled, slow.

And awful dirty creature: washes only if you force, the room a uniform pigsty, everywhere dirty linen mixed up with bits of apples.

If you do the remark, breaks, and it is so rough where only words such it was gathered!

And, know, we punish her a belt.

The woman stops, waits for my reaction; I abstain from comments.

Our conversation proceeds, and I learn: the girl is unhealthy from the first days of life.

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The child

The child It is possible to buy a canvas folding bed for which the pillow is not necessary.

Asthma bronchial.

One more type of an allergy.

In this case sensitive body are bronchial tubes which mucous membrane bulks up and emits dense slime when the irritating substance gets to bronchial tubes.

The courses on which passes air, become so narrow that it is difficult for child to breathe, he chokes, thus from a breast whistle escapes.

The child coughs.

At the child of advanced age chronic asthma is caused generally by the substances which are airborne, for example, horse dandruff, dog wool, different types of a mold etc.

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