I think, often

I think, often But the unpampered child will hardly eat many candies.

Some small children do not love some candies and sweet at all.

In the experiments doctor Clara Davies found out that if to allow the child most to decide that is, he will eat sweet in reasonable quantities.

I think, often parents involuntarily impart to the child the exaggerated love to sweets.

For example, mother speaks to the child: Until you eat spinach, I will not give you some ice cream or If you eat all porridge, I will give you a candy.

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Having thumbed

Having thumbed If your house is filled with these temptations, you will constantly break on shout because that it is not always possible to follow family relics, expensive to you.

You, of course, can raise the voice on the child, but hardly from it things will return on the places.

Recently I was in bookstore and found the book about education of children written by one Christian author there.

Having thumbed through some pages, I could not believe the eyes.

The author tells to readers that not only is admissible, but also it is useful, since fourfive months, strictly to utter to the child for his offenses.

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You want to teach

You want to teach You want to teach the teenager to rise a step behind a step, division behind division up.

How to make it?

As parents, you have to be a good model of the correct expression of anger.

Also, knowing that the teenager can and has to become angry from time to time instead of forbidding him it or inadequately to react to his anger, you have to pick up it from that step of expression of anger at which it is, and to lift up.

For example, the teenager costs at the sixth level of a scale of anger, i.

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It is possible

It is possible Interest in any toys dies away equally quickly, and here household items have one more advantage: they do not become dusty on mezzanines, and come back to the to direct duties.

It is possible to use the wooden spoon and a bowl, a mother's hairbrush and elastic bands which remained from the lost couple a leather glove, unsuccessful photos, an old alarm clock, plastic small bottles, the most different boxes, films as toys.

The main objective of these toys to give to the child it is as much as possible various tactile and acoustical feelings.

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When the child

When the child Though really there is no sense to discuss that already is solved and signed, for most of parents the most difficult such minutes is simple to keep calm ESTABLISH BORDERS In any family there can be such problems for which permission it will be required to establish more rigid borders, and sometimes, and punishment.

When the child becomes uncontrollable, behaves provocatively or calls in question authority of parents, it is necessary to resort to appropriate means of control.

At the disposal of parents there are five ways of controlling the child.

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