Do not allow

Do not allow All this is very unpleasant, irritates you and eventually can lead to loss of appetite at the child.

Do not allow it.

You, probably, noticed that the child starts playing behind food when he partially or completely satisfied the hunger, but not when he still very much wants to eat.

Therefore if he ceases to pay attention to the food facing it consider that he ate enough, lower it on a floor and clean a plate.

You are right when you are firm, but it is not necessary to become angry.

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And parishioners

And parishioners In such situation does not matter any more that the pastor does or that he does not do.

It cannot leave from the increasing hidden indignation, resistance and attacks from those to whom he tries to serve.

I advised many priests broken by this phenomenon.

And parishioners who, perhaps, do not take part in attacks to the pastor, are inclined to decline all responsibility for the tragedy happening in a community.

They find a justification to those members of a community who follow the tastes of the anger.

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And that

And that The Little squirrel heard that to her the guest came, and began to go down to the Elephant on a short flight of stairs.

And that it did not stumble, the Elephant prompts it each step.

Cleans from a picture short flight of stairs.

The child remembers them by those loss for words at which he was.

The logopedist calls the word, and the child remembers the picture, for example: eat, than?

hammer than?

, etc.

Sat down the Elephant with the Little squirrel under a tree and began to play with pictures: to spread from them paths, making beautiful offers.

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In both

In both Reaction of other percent will be the return: they identify themselves with an aggressor, that is will begin to imitate parents and to blame somebody another.

At such children the habit to refuse to assume responsibility for the on maintaining and to accuse others can develop.

In both cases the destructive way of the address with anger is available.

The bad attitude towards itself is aggravated with passive and aggressive installations.

For example, as the depression grows and generates anger, the desire to revenge is formed.

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He not only

He not only I think, he is simply frank egoist.

He not only does only that is pleasant to it, but also demands; that I did the same.

I work all week, and I need to find a little time and myself, and our boys.

Fran turned to the husband: Craig, you are the terrible egoist.

I not against that we went to mountains from time to time.

We with boys can remain with the bottom while you rise by top, and to wait there for your return.

I was so tired of that we do not talk with each other at all that I need only to observe how you run away from the house.

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