It does

It does Only now the Lord will be able to fill your emotional and spiritual capacity.

It does it, being near you, listening, directing, calming and encouraging you the mercy and love.

A lot of time is required to approach good luck and really to learn it as, however, and in order that It gave you strength and prepared for a role of the parent and that responsibility which this role imposes on us.

For me it is very difficult to find time to stay alone good luck, without distracting on anything.

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In case of injury

In case of injury By no means it is impossible to allow that the back of the child was curved outside failed.

Therefore if you have to use instead of a stretcher a mattress or other improvised stretcher which fail, the patient it is necessary to put on a stomach.

In case of injury of a neck it has to be in direct situation but if it is impossible, it is possible to bend a neck back the head should not bend forward.

At the broken clavicle make a sling of a big triangular piece of a matter and tie up the lower part of a hand, having strengthened a sling on a neck.

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Whether The author explains it to that the mentality of children is very flexible, and they easily forget everything.

Whether it is worth being surprised, what presently there are a lot of difficult teenagers if on counters there are books similar to this?

The Swiss scientist Gene Paydzhet suggests to break process of training of the child into four stages.

Age brackets of these stages the approximately following: from the birth till two years; from two to seven years; from seven to eleven years; of eleven years and further.

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Put all figures

Put all figures Development of visual attention.

Suggest the child to consider whichturnye images of animals Ask it to tell who is drawn.

Suggest the child to play Hideandseek.

Explain that heroes of the fairy tale will hide.

Imperceptibly for the child clean one of images depending on a level of development of the child color or planimetric.

Ask: Who hid?

Repeat game times.

Global reading.

Put all figures in a row.

Call them.

Under each figure enclose a card with the corresponding word.

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The small

The small Even the happiest and wellgroomed children have minutes when they feel ill at ease.

The small children sucking fingers can be very quiet and cheerful and do not need any changes.

So, if your child sucks a finger too much, try to make his life more pleasant for it.

That was told about the children sucking a finger equally belongs and to sucking a corner of a blanket or a collar of a coat when they want to sleep either it is boring, or is lonely.

Do not become angry about the child for it and do not pull out his finger from a mouth.

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