The child

The child Of course, the child needs to be taught how to be polite and precautionary, but it is necessary to do it friendly.

The child able to behave rather well will be pleasant to people around, but nobody loves rough, inattentive children.

A duty of parents to make the child such that he was loved by people around.

When treat the person kindly, he tries to treat people even better.

When you have to do to the child of the remark concerning his behavior, do not do them at strangers not to confuse the child.

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Especially There are useful to development in the next months and soft toys with rigid or sound inserts, toys with buttons, rychazhka.

Especially at this age the acting parts of subjects start interesting the child.

Soft toys with rigid inserts have to be from special safe materials as the child will rub them gums in the course of a teething.

It is necessary to have balls and spheres of different size for driving.

Sometimes the kid does not hurry to master a new toy how to arrive in that case?

Of course, it is possible to try to make necessary game actions so that the child paid to them attention.

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When these

When these The child seldom manages to start talking the first because parents always start talking to him.

The firstborn is shown too often to acquaintances.

When these displays are rare, they will not do harm but if they follow one by one, the child will grow up the timid.

If the firstborn gets sick, parents spend days and nights at his bed, worrying more, than they will worry then when gain experience.

If the first child is capricious, young parents take it very seriously and lift turmoil.

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Tell the fairy

Tell the fairy Occupation course Organizational moment.

Suggest to consider the subject picture.

Ask to show separate details on the picture: lodge, window, path, fence, penek, wood.

Acquaintance to the fairy tale.

Suggest the child to listen to the fairy tale.

Tell the fairy tale, exposing characters figures from desktop puppet theater on the color subject picture.

Offer the child according to his speech opportunities to repeat the onomatopoeias and words said by you in the course of telling of the fairy tale.

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Hold game

Hold game Being engaged with the child, sensitively listen to his mood never insist on game continuation if the kid was tired, not in mood or if game is not pleasant to it.

Start occupation only when the child is occupied with nothing.

Try to gain the kid before begin game, adjust him on game.

Hold game on the raised emotional background.

Be adjusted on a cheerful and fantastic harmony: let the mouse peep, and the bear speaks a bass.

Tell expressively, do not hurry.

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